In order from top to bottom, we start with "Blue."  Blue is now Finnegan and lives in Houston with his little PON brother, PJ, and Mom Alysa and Dad Kerry. He stays busy herding the animal life around the property when he isn't stealing his parent's  bed.

Last but far, far from last is "Green."  Green is now Sundancer's Forevermore Star Lord, call name Quill for Peter Quill. He lives in Wisconsin with his Mom and handler, Dani Goodland-Rose, human family and takes care of his beloved old PON, Cedric. Quill is already busy in the show world, racking up points on his way to his Championship.  Quill is co-owner by Dani and me.  We are SO PROUD of this boy!

Next is "Orange."  Orange is now Mousse, seen here showing off her PON smile at her first birthday celebration.  She lives in Seattle with her dad, Jeffrey, who is teaching her about life in the tech world by keeping Dad company at both work and home. They have mastered apartment living by making friends in parks nearby.

Next up is "Purple."  She is now officially Sundancer's Purple Iris and lives right here, inseparable from her canine and human moms and Daddy David.  I confess Miss Iris has utterly stolen my heart--I'm sure you can see why!  So far, she insists she wants no part of show life, but we are in ongoing negotiations...

The Over the Moon litter arrived bright and early on New Year's morning of 2022 in my bedroom, into my hands.  Each one was just as beautiful, plump, and sassy as the last of the litter of four--two boys and two girls.  They looked so much alike that the colored collars came in very handy!  Wondering where they are now?  I'll tell you!