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Henderson Breeder's Permit #A11-062619

I fell in love at my first dog show when I was only in the fourth grade.  I was mesmerized by the dogs that seemed to glide effortlessly around the ring, almost as if by magic.  My favorite was the Afghan Hounds as I loved the flowing coats, but I honestly wanted to take home one of every breed I saw.

I never stopped going to shows or sharing my life with wonderful dogs.  My first great love that lasted 15 years was with my Beardie Collie.  Years later I stepped into the ring for the first time with Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.  I quickly learned there was nothing effortless about this sport!  As much as I loved Wheatens, my heart ached for my shaggy sheepdog and that led me to my forever breed, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs (PONS). 

Today I am a proud owner of two bred-by exhibitor Champions, one owner/handler Champion, and occasional breeder to keep my own show dogs and offer limited pet puppies on spay/neuter contract.

My dogs live in my home and are part of my family.  We are located outside of Las Vegas, Nevada where I work as a private practice psychotherapist, write books, co-own a family business and raise/train/show my dogs around the US. 

Willow was the first Champion PON in Nevada.  Her first-born puppy Newman became the first Nevada-born PON to become a Champion and my first Bred-By Exhibitor Champion.  Her daughter, Bliss, became a Champion before her first birthday.

Kizzie is the next generation of show dogs.  While she waits for her career to kick back into full swing, she is busy bossing the entire house, taking over for me as therapist--or so she thinks, and is my constant companion and cuddle buddy.  In my 25 years in private practice, Kizzie is my eleventh puppy/dog to work with me.  What that means is I have the best job ever, living my dream!